Feldspar - Young and Invincible

Young and Invincible


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Feldspar - Young and Invincible




The Record Company: LABEL FANDANGO

The Release Date: FEBRUARY 24TH 2014

The Truth: FELDSPAR are five self-proclaimed "indie-folk bastards doing triumph, heartbreak and bitterness for your amusement." They consist of Will Green (vox / guitar), Ben Lloyd-Evans (keys / backing vox), Jonny Burgess (drums), James Forster (lead guitar) and Woody Feldwick (bass / backing vocals). They live in London, put on their own gig nights, make their own live videos and generally take the entire DIY ethic to a whole hectic new level. Do we need to mention that their cracking new 'Young & Invincible' single was funded by their very own Pledgemusic campaign? No, no we don't.

It fits then that previously Will and Ben learned their musical chops gigging around the dusty folk clubs and alehouses of the North, playing folk-inspired music to earnestly bearded rooms in Manchester and Leeds. Unable to grow the requisite facial hair to be considered true old school folkies and uninspired by the plinky ukeleles and toy xylophones of nu-folk, they headed to the capital where they found James Forster ripping out a solo in a Soho blues bar and promptly went electric. All that was left was for the prog-rock stylings of Jonny Burgess on drums and the impressively - and ironically - bearded Woody Feldwick on bass, and the line-up was complete.

Feldspar proper (and properly electric) began in 2012 with the recording and self-release (but of course) of 'The Flat And Paper Sky' Vol I (September 2012) and Vol II (December 2012). These got them their first sniffs of printed press and their first rumblings at radio, thanks to Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music. Since then they have been carefully creating Feldsparworld, a land of musical opportunity and live shows with likeminded souls.

Unsurprisingly considering their very different musical backgrounds the band members have innumerable influences, but direct comparisons have been made to stalwarts Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen as well as contemporary artists (de)ranging from early Radiohead to Elbow, Villagers, Iron And Wine and To Kill A King. When Team Fandango last caught their bluff, breezy soundings at the Green Note in Camden (Feldspar's own promotion, natch) they also caught a whiff of early '70s cheeseclothery from Will's vocals nodding at the gracefully grizzled likes of David Gates, Neil Young and Harry Nilsson. Alternatively, in their own words...

"Don't be beguiled by the wry smiles Feldspar sport on stage: this is a band that deals in heartbreak and bitterness, anguish and redemption. At times excruciatingly hushed and desolate, at others anthemic and euphoric, this 5-piece use the full range of their instruments and voices to compelling effect, bringing to life the vivid and moving lyrics of frontman Will."

Feldspar hereby join the bountiful singles club circus which is '12 x 12', whereby Label Fandango releases 12 singles in 12 months to celebrate Club Fandango's 12th birthday. Felt Tip, Longfellow, Desperate Journalist and I Am In Love are also clowning around with the bicycling elephants. It's a fun place to be, in several senses.

Having ended 2013 with a crushing version of 'In The Bleak Midwinter' and started 2014 with a cruising appearance at Pandamonium Feldspar don’t spare the horses at these gigs here…
FEBRUARY 5TH KINGS CROSS The Harrison (w/ Lucy Cait)
FEBRUARY 13TH CAMDEN Green Note (w/ By Toutatis)
FEBRUARY 27TH ISLINGTON Old Queens Head (single launch party)
MARCH 11TH CAMDEN Green Note (w/ John J Presley)



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